I am sure you have heard the phrase that the HVAC industry is graying. Of course, that is just a polite way of saying the industry is getting old.

Granted, it is all relative. Some of those “graying” individuals are still pretty darn strong in the industry. For example, talk to contractor-turned-consultant Larry Taylor for five minutes and it becomes abundantly clear that he has more energy and original ideas than someone half his age.

Still, everyone knows that HVAC needs an influx of young talent. The simple fact is that people are retiring from this industry faster than others are joining the industry.

However, that does not mean that the industry does not also have dynamic younger people preparing to take the reins. In fact, a lot of these younger folks are already in leadership positions. As with any organization or industry, young talent needs to be coming through the ranks in order to secure a positive future.

The NEWS wants to do its part. And since we buy ink by the barrel, we thought it was our duty to highlight these young individuals. The goal is two-fold. First, we want to provide some much-needed congratulations to the hardworking younger generation transforming this industry. Also, we want to raise awareness about what a great industry HVAC is for people, and that is the goal of our Top 40 Under 40 list.

The individuals chosen represent every aspect of the industry, including the manufacturing, distribution, instructional, and contracting sectors. There are those who grew up in the industry and those who entered it in the most interesting of circumstances.

It is easy to forget how many young people are doing truly great things for the industry. This list really highlights some of the best and the brightest coming up in the HVAC industry.

There are brief write-ups on each individual who made the list. And while the stories of how they reached the HVAC industry vary greatly, the common denominator is that they love the field and their careers. The members of this list all work hard, think about the big picture, and have the ability to challenge the way things have always been done.

While hundreds could certainly have been highlighted, we were tasked with choosing the top 40. Check out the list to see who made this year’s list and get to know the individuals who are already leading the trade into the future.

Natalie Lloyd

Company: AMHAC (All Makes Heating & Air Conditioning Corporation).

Title: General Manager

Age: 35

Natalie Lloyd has been shaking up AMHAC from the moment she arrived 10 years ago at the age of 25. She graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers Business School with a marketing degree. Lloyd had a short-lived sales career as a life insurance sales manager. As many family business ventures often end, so did Lloyd’s first job, leading her into an entirely new career in the HVAC industry in 2009.

Lloyd started at AMHAC as a CSR/dispatcher. She also worked as office manager, head of human resources, and hiring manager. She also served as director of marketing before becoming general manager. Lloyd is the youngest among her associates but is trusted as the team’s leader due to her fresh ideas and momentous sales growth record.

“I came in at a time of transition,” Lloyd said. “The road to my success was a bumpy one, as change is almost always met with resistance. We lost some competent people along the way, but the new direction paid off.”

Lloyd made a huge push in marketing and was able to include the entire company in all the efforts — television advertising, internet, social media, etc. It ignited company pride, and started their new slogan: “AMHAC STRONG.”

“I give credit to AMHAC’s brand recognition from years in the industry, but our new marketing efforts created a buzz in the market,” she said. “It also helped our recruiting, hiring, and training process, as applicants began to pursue us.”


Awards & Certifications

Yonkers, NY

Riverdale, NY

Greenwich, CT