Duct systems have both outdoor and indoor components that are connected to one another by system of ducts. The cool air is circulated throughout your home through ducts by an air handler. Through zoning the duct system can be quite energy efficient by enabling the creation of different climates in different parts of your home / office by setting different temperatures for each space.


Ductless systems are ideal when ductwork is very-costly or impossible to install. Instead of relying on ductwork, the indoor units are mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. The efficiency of a ductless system is based on its delivery of warm or cool air directly into rooms of your home or business, instead of through routing through ducts. A central ac system is controlled through a mounted thermostat, while ductless systems are controlled by its operating zone. Ductless units are commonly used in new construction, additions, and multi-family housing.

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