If your air conditioner is functioning properly, it will efficiently and effectively remove heat and moisture from your home to provide the ideal comfort level. To achieve your ideal comfort level, the system will pull warm air through your air filter, and as it passes over the evaporator coil, the air is chilled and humidity is removed. The now cold air is then distributed throughout your home via the ducts that are attached to your air-handler.

Understand Your AC System

Like a furnace, your air-handler is usually located inside your home, but will operate both the heating and cooling of your home. You will usually find your system in the basement, closet or attic and it will closely resemble an electric furnace.

What About Heat Pumps?

A Heat Pump is a more energy efficient and cost-saving alternative to a traditional furnace and air conditioner. This two-in-one innovation will provide both heating and cooling to a home, and can even provide a solution for homes that lack ductwork (Ductless Mini-split).
Types of Heat Pumps include:

  • ‘Air to Air’ Heat Pumps ~ these systems collect heat from the outdoor air.
  • ‘Water Source’ Heat Pumps ~ these systems draw heat from water
  • ‘Geothermal’ Heat Pumps ~ these systems make use of the free and renewable energy source found underground and achieve efficiency ratings of approximately 400%.

When you want to cool your home, a Heat Pump functions like an air conditioner, it will remove heat and moisture from your home and return cool air via your ducts.
When you want to heat your time, instead of burning fossil fuels to produce heat, the Heat Pump will generate ambient heat from the outdoor air and deliver it indoors.

*Compared to electric resistance heating options (baseboard heaters and furnaces), a modern Heat Pump can trim electricity usage by around 50%.

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t They did an excellent job and were very nice. The cleaning machine went on in the basement while their lunch hour and I had to go down to shut it off. When they came back from lunch I told them and they said it stopped working so they couldn't start it again. I hope that they did not need anymore to complete the cleaning process. They were very professional and excellent. Saul Cohen
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We had a fantastic experience with AMHAC. They replaced our central AC system with a new Carrier heat pump and air handler. Roger gave us a very clear and competitive estimate and the install team was incredible. They were prompt, knowledgable and respectful of our home and were able to complete the entire project in less than two days. On top of the equipment warrantees, their installation work is also covered for a year. Highly recommended and would absolutely hire them again.
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Very happy with your prompt and professional service
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