Even a well maintained system will occasionally require repair. When something does go wrong, you need a contractor who will accurately diagnose and find the best solution to quickly resolve the problem.

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When temperature and humidity levels soar, you want a well maintained air conditioning system to be ready to take on this challenge and efficiently deliver a cool indoor climate.

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When installing a new Air Conditioning system, whether for the first time or replacing your current unit, it is vital you choose a contractor that you can trust.

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If your air conditioner is functioning properly, it will efficiently and effectively remove heat and moisture from your home to provide the ideal comfort level.

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Many older Air Conditioning systems use R-22 refrigerant (Freon) to absorb the heat, however by mandate of the EPA, to reduce the negative impact it has on the ozone layer, the production of R-22 (Freon) was discontinued in January 2020. Since 2010, new air conditioners rely on a refrigerant called R410A (Puron).

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Prior to investing into a new HVAC system, it’s essential to know which type of system best fits your needs. There are two main types of central air conditioners, Split or Packaged, with significant differences.

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Your A/C Experts.

Keeping your system healthy can ensure lower costs and peak efficiency. Modern high-efficiency systems can save you big on your electric bill as well. To keep up with mandated government efficiency standards, manufacturers are constantly improving their technology.

Your current air conditioning may be costing you more money than you think. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years, not only could it require costly repairs to maintain, but it is likely to increase your electric bill.

AMHAC can replace your old, efficient central air conditioner with a new modern high-efficiency system that will save you big money on your electric bill and more effectively cool your home. We can install / replace ducted systems, ductless systems, high-velocity systems, and environmentally friendly geothermal systems. Regardless of your budget, AMHAC can design a system that meets your needs that you can depend on for maximum comfort.

Call AMHAC at (914) 337-5555 to take the first step in having a new central ac system installed! A comfort-specialist will provide expert insights on which model will suit your air conditioning needs. Each home and business is different, so it is important to choose a system carefully by taking these factors into consideration:

  • What type of Air Conditioning System?
  • Is it easier to replace what currently exists in the home/office?
  • What is your Budget?
  • What is the age of your current system?
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility & Size
  • Location
  • Faster Cooler
  • Long-term maintenance
Client Testimonials
Sep 19, 2023
Very knowledgeable
image of reviewer Joel Joel
Sep 15, 2023
t They did an excellent job and were very nice. The cleaning machine went on in the basement while their lunch hour and I had to go down to shut it off. When they came back from lunch I told them and they said it stopped working so they couldn't start it again. I hope that they did not need anymore to complete the cleaning process. They were very professional and excellent. Saul Cohen
image of reviewer saul saul
Sep 14, 2023
Very happy with your prompt and professional service. Adam did a great job and very fast.
image of reviewer maria maria
Sep 14, 2023
Great experience so far! No surprises, the guys are friendly and professional, and up to expectations.
image of reviewer William William
Sep 13, 2023
We had a fantastic experience with AMHAC. They replaced our central AC system with a new Carrier heat pump and air handler. Roger gave us a very clear and competitive estimate and the install team was incredible. They were prompt, knowledgable and respectful of our home and were able to complete the entire project in less than two days. On top of the equipment warrantees, their installation work is also covered for a year. Highly recommended and would absolutely hire them again.
image of reviewer Cade Cade
Sep 13, 2023
Very happy with your prompt and professional service
image of reviewer maria maria
Sep 13, 2023
Jamal arrived right on time and immediately started the diagnostics to determine the problem. He was totally professional and resolved the issue in a few minutes. I Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and Jamal. Highly recommend AMHAC
image of reviewer Denise Denise
Sep 10, 2023
Technician was professional and thorough, as always.
image of reviewer Diane Diane
Sep 10, 2023
Amhac is great! Luis Tula was terrific, polite, professional and courteous! He did a great job!!!
image of reviewer Robert Robert
Sep 05, 2023
Jamal was on time, professional and knowledgeable. Great experience.
image of reviewer Lucy & Ted Lucy & Ted
Sep 05, 2023
Quick responsive and professional. A bit more than others but you get what you pay for.
image of reviewer Pavan Kumar Pavan Kumar
Sep 03, 2023
The tech was professional and gave the best idea on how to repair my issue .
image of reviewer Joe Joe
Sep 02, 2023
Joseph Ortiz was very helpful diagnosing our heating issue and more importantly was extremely nice! Would highly recommend!
image of reviewer William William
Aug 26, 2023
AMHAC provides professional, onetime service. Excellent response time to our heating or AC issues in our home.
image of reviewer John John
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