Geothermal HVAC Setup

A geothermal system utilizes a loop system installed below ground or submersed in a nearby pond or lake to pull heat from the Earth and bring it into your home. The ground source heat pump simply moves existing heat, so it doesn’ have to rely on fossil fuels to produce heat. The system requires minimal electricity to operate the fan, compressor, and pump.The system will require very little maintenance and is designed to last for decades. In addition to incredible energy savings on heating and cooling, the system can also provide a virtually free source of hot water for your home as well.

Find out if Geothermal HVAC is right for you.

Choosing a geothermal HVAC installation is easier today than ever before. In addition to the significant energy savings, costs of geothermal systems have declined in recent years, and to promote this environmentally friendly solution many utility companies have incentive programs available. In most cases the savings will recover your upfront costs in under five years.

AMHAC encourages you to get in touch at (914) 337-5555 to ask questions, get recommendations and find out if geothermal temperature control is right for you. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our NATE-certified technicians are trained in new system design/installation as well as seasonal maintenance and repair of all makes and models.We include 24/7 emergency availability throughout Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT, Manhattan and the Bronx.

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